2016 Conference on IAME

Creating Sustainable IAME

Call for papers

Conference theme: "The maritime transport of the future: the role of innovation uptake, sustainability and availability of shipping finance”.

The maritime industry has always been able to respond to the changing requirements of world production systems and adapt to world trade needs. Its flexible nature has allowed it to operate through periods of economic downturn to the benefit of the world economy. 

Through these periods of crisis, the industry has changed so that new players, new technologies and new business models have emerged. The complexity of a globalised world, however, where economics, finance and a fast changing dynamics of business and society come together, makes predicting these changes more challenging, so that there is increasing need for rigorous analysis and the dialogue between the business community and the academia has never been more important.

Innovation is often perceived as one of the most important determinants for business success, but innovation uptake does not depend only on entrepreneurial foresight, but also on market conditions, the availability of finance and political and societal support. In particular the increasing importance of environmental and societal issues within the shipping sectors and the strengthening of regulatory requirements for ships and at port, is affecting the profile of the industry, increasing the complexity of decision making and altering the competitive profile of the industry. Regulatory compliance offers new grounds for ship-owners and operators to improve their competitive profile and sustainability could be a competitive differentiator in the future, as new sources of risk emerge.

But will investment in innovation pay out? Are cargo owners and logistics service providers willing to pay for sustainability? Will the funding profile of the industry remain the same, or will new models emerge to deal with a new complex shipping environment?

The IAME conference aims at providing a forum for debating these and other emerging issues related to the shipping, port and terminal industries.

Contributions are invited in the areas including but not limited to:

  • Port and terminal finance
  • Strategic port developments
  • Security in shipping and ports
  • Short sea shipping
  • Environmental issues in the maritime sector
  • Marketing and revenue management in shipping
  • Risk management in shipping
  • Strategic and operational issues in shipping
  • International shipping policies and regulations
  • Port service pricing
  • Operation research methods for shipping and terminals
  • Port competition and cooperation
  • Flag and crew management
  • Multi-modal transportation

This year the IAME organisers have opted for paper submission only, so no abstract will need to be submitted. The deadline for the full review papers is set for the 21st of February (please note: extended 15th of March). In addition, we will offer the option to participants to submit extended abstracts, posters and papers not for review (deadline 12th of June 2016). Please note that each conference participant cannot present more than two papers, independently of whether their contribution is accepted in the full review track or as extended abstract/poster/not-for-review paper.

Further content

Conference proceedings

Proceedings for IAME 2016 Hamburg will be provided on a USB stick. Selected proceedings will be published also in hard copies. Selected papers will be recommended for publications in various academic journals (including but not limited to the IAME journals).